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Total Image Med SPA offers an innovative hair restoration solution known as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy. If you’re looking to enhance the appearance and thickness of your hair, PRP hair restoration is a fantastic option. By effectively extending the growing phase of your hair, known as Anagen, PRP treatment can help you achieve remarkable results.

During a PRP hair restoration session at Total Image Med SPA, a skilled medical professional will start by drawing a small amount of your blood into a vile. This blood sample is then placed in a specialized centrifuge, a high-speed spinning device. The centrifuge spins rapidly, separating the various components of the blood, including the platelets.

Platelets, which contain a wealth of growth factors and other beneficial substances, are crucial for the rejuvenation and healing processes in your body. Once the centrifuge has effectively separated the platelets from the other blood components, the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is carefully extracted into a syringe.

The PRP, with its concentrated growth factors, is then skillfully injected into the areas of your scalp where hair restoration is desired. These injections stimulate the hair follicles, promoting hair growth, improving hair thickness, and enhancing the overall appearance of your hair. The growth factors present in PRP nourish the follicles, prolonging the Anagen phase and reducing hair loss.

Total Image Med SPA is committed to providing high-quality PRP hair restoration services to help individuals address hair thinning and hair loss concerns. With their team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, they ensure precise and effective PRP treatments tailored to each individual’s needs.

By choosing PRP hair restoration at Total Image Med SPA, you can experience a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that harnesses the power of your body’s natural healing mechanisms. With their expertise in PRP therapy and dedication to client satisfaction, Total Image Med SPA is the ideal destination for anyone seeking to rejuvenate their hair and restore their confidence.


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